Why is “cane sugar” is listed as an ingredient, but the product claims “zero sugar”?

There is less than one half of one gram of cane sugar in E-hydrate electrolyte drink mixes. This is the equivalent of only about 6 tiny individual grains of raw sugar in each packet. This quantity is so small that it is rounded down to zero grams according to standards for nutritional labeling established by the FDA — because it is nutritionally insignificant.


Are E-hydrate Products Natural?

E-Hydrate’s complete line of nutritional supplements are natural and do not contain anything artificial. No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Made from real ingredients with the taste you want and the nutrition you need.


Are E-hydrate Products Kosher?

Our products (all but our new Active protein formula) are made in a Kosher-certified facility in the USA. We are confident that our products are kosher-compliant, but we have elected not to continue with certifying any of our current product lines due to our low production volumes and costs.


Are E-hydrate Products Vegan?

E-hydrate’s protein products are milk-derived and not vegan. We do have vegan products developed and we will be making them available to the public sometime soon.


Why is there soy lecithin in E-hydrate protein powders?

Lecithins are oily substances that occur naturally in plants such as soybeans. Soy lecithin is a natural ingredient used in E-hydrate protein powders to help the proteins from clumping together.The vast majority of people with soy allergies do not need to concern themselves with products containing soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is derived from the oil of a soybean. Soy allergies are allergies related to the soy protein and soy lecithin and oils do not contain these proteins. E-hydrate’s protein is 100% whey protein, there is no soy protein present in E-hydrate products.


Why is caffeine in the hydration + energy Drink Mix?

There are only 40mg of caffeine in E-hydrate natural hydration + energy Drink Mixes which is the equivalent of less than a can of diet soda. According to the Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness, caffeine does not act as a diuretic when proper quantities of fluids are consumed. Any diuretic effects of the small quantity of caffeine in E-hydrate products are compensated by the high quantity of electrolytes and minerals which aid the body in absorbing and reserving fluids. 40mg is a very small amount, yet when combined with B-vitamins and antioxidant vitamins C, this small quantity of caffeine helps increase the body’s nervous system response resulting in increased mental focus and endurance.


What is E-hydrate natural Tri-Whey Protein Blend?

E-hydrate natural protein recovery products are made with the highest quality protein sources available. Our special tri-whey blend is made from whey protein concentrate 80%, whey protein isolate 90% and whey protein hydrolysate 90%. E-hydrate protein even contains nearly five and a half grams of BCAAs. Hybrid and branched-chain amino acids are shown to promote muscle growth, recovery and may be used as a meal replacement.


E-hydrate KIDS drink mixes are good for adults too?

E-hydrate natural drink mix for KIDS is not just for KIDS, it’s a hydration and immunity booster with more electrolytes than leading sports drinks free of artificial ingredients, caffeine or taurine. E-hydrate for KIDS is great for anyone, anytime, with a great taste and without the calories.


E-hydrate products are gluten free?

All of E-hydrate natural products are gluten free and made from only the highest-quality ingredients. E-hydrate mixes and gels taste great and give you a boost without anything artificial or unnecessary glutens, sugars, fats, or calories.


Electrolytes are in every product?

E-hydrate natural products all contain electrolytes – necessary components for ideal hydration. More than two thirds of people in the United States suffer from chronic de-hydration. This number is even higher in children. E-hydrate products all help your body maintain proper hydration with more electrolytes than leading sports drink products.


When to Use E-hydrate Hydration Drink Mixes:

E-hydrate natural hydration and energy drink mix is a natural way to maintain optimum hydration anytime. E-hydrate drink mixes are perfect throughout the day and before, during and after a work out or other activity. They also may be added to any liquid and contain more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks. E-hydrate provides a boost of natural energy with less than a third of the caffeine of small cup of coffee.


When to Use E-hydrate Protein Products:

E-hydrate natural protein is perfect for workout preparation and recovery, as a meal replacement or in a delicious morning smoothie. E-hydrate tri-whey protein blend is made from the purest sources available provides the protein you need without the artificial ingredients and preservatives you don’t need.


When to Use E-hydrate Energy Gels:

E-hydrate natural energy and electrolyte gel are perfect for use before and during exercise or other strenuous activity. The gel tastes incredible and provides you with essential electrolytes and minerals to help maintain ideal hydration levels. E-hydrate gels are also great for a quick “pick me up” anytime during the day or between meals when you need a boost of natural energy.


What is the E-hydrate System?

The E-hydrate System consists of recommend fitness use for each of our products including Preparation, Endurance, Recovery or Anytime. All of E-hydrate electrolyte drink mixes are great anytime, before, during or after your workout, or just for a boost during your day. E-hydrate BCAA electrolyte and energy gels are idea for during your workout or strenuous activity. E-hydrate natural tri-whey protein powder is the perfect low-calorie, high-protein recovery product for use after your workout or during your day as a quick and great tasting snack or meal replacement. Look on your packaging for the E-hydrate System graphic for each E-hydrate product’s ideal use.


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