What’s the Right Age?

E-hydrate KIDS Protein On-the-Go is intended for anyone ages 3 and up. Consult your child’s pediatrician for your child’s specific nutritional needs and appropriate product use.

Lowest in Sugar – Highest in Protein

E-hydrate KIDS Protein On-the-Go is the only natural KIDS protein product with the lowest in sugar and lowest in calories with the highest protein content when compared to the leading national brands. All of these great benefits without sacrificing taste. Finally, a truly healthy product made just for kids with the quality and nutritional content a world-class athlete expect.

Product Protein Sugar Calories Natural
KIDS Protein On-the-Go 10g 4g 70 Yes
PediaSure Sidekicks 7g 17g 150 No
PediaSure Grow & Gain 7g 23g 240 No
Nestle BOOST Kid Essentials 7g 15g 240 No

Nutrition KIDS Love

E-hydrate KIDS Protein On-the-Go is a natural, premium protein drink mix with electrolytes in an advanced all-in-one pouch kids can take anywhere. Each KIDS Protein On-the-Go pouch is pre-portioned and ready to mix, making it the perfect snack for a lunch box, after a sports game, or a convenient treat for kids of all ages — even adults looking for a low calorie, healthy snack. Using E-hydrate Protein On-the-Go is simple, just fill the pouch, shake and go. E-hydrate’s unique KIDS protein drink mixes contain more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks and are available in two natural and proven flavors that kids love – Cinnamon Roll and Milk Chocolate.

Flavor Without the Sugar

E-hydrate KIDS protein drink mixes are flavored with natural, real cinnamon and cocoa and contains 10 grams of tri-whey protein with only 70 calories and 4 grams of sugar. Protein On-the-Go KIDS is a unique alternative to other protein products which are often packed with sugar or artificial flavors and colors.

On-the-Go Nutrition

E-hydrate finally makes it easy for parents to get their kids the protein and nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong without added sugars that are almost impossible to avoid in food products marketed to children. E-hydrate’s popular and sweet flavors finally make it easy for parents to get their kids the nutrition they need. KIDS Protein On-the-Go will be available in Target stores in April 2016.

Mixes Smooth

E-hydrate’s release of KIDS Protein On-the-Go also represents an improved formulation which quickly and smoothly dissolves in water or any added liquids. Improved mix-ability and creamy milk chocolate flavor make KIDS easy for anyone to enjoy. E-hydrate’s hydration and immunity drink mixes and Protein On-the-Go products are also available at all Target stores, in the Health and Wellness aisle near the pharmacy where you find protein bars.

Choose Your Favorite Flavor!

Cinnamon Roll    Milk Chocolate    Learn More  

Supplement Facts - E-hydrate KIDS Protein-on-the-Go - Milk-Chocolate

Supplement Facts - E-hydrate KIDS Protein-on-the-Go - Cinnamon Roll

† When compared with leading products: Pediasure Sidekicks, PediasureGrow and Gain and Nestle BOOST Kid Essentials.

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